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A)   I want an all inclusive solution (job search marketing, job referrals, resume service, interview coaching, consulting), guaranteed to get me interviews in both the hidden and advertised job markets, until I land the job I want. I just don't have the time, resources and/or contacts to conduct an effective job search myself >>>>>>

B)   I just need someone to identify and effectively present me to Hiring Decision Makers (executives and managers with hiring authority and the power to create jobs) and get me the interview. I can find jobs and companies myself, but I don't want to keep submitting my resume by email or online just to have it go into an applicant database and have an automated system, or a person who might not even be qualified to recognize my value and potential, decide if I'm even considered >>>>>>

C)   I just need a more effective job search strategy. I have the time and motivation to conduct my own job search; I just want better methods and techniques for success and faster results >>>>>>

D)   I just need to have my resume professionally done >>>>>>

E)   I just need to interview better. I get interviews but can't seem to get job offers. I need to know what I'm doing wrong so that I can prepare and perform better >>>>>>


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