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CFM Guaranteed Interview Booking Service - Find Work Faster!

   Here’s what you get with Guaranteed Interview Booking Service:

  1. We book the earliest day and time that you are available for your comprehensive consultation, conducted by your choice of phone or Skype, where we go over every aspect of your search.
  1. During your consultation we schedule your service update. That's  where we report to you on the results and progress of your search every three weeks.
  1. We begin building your leads database consisting of existing and new HDMs (Hiring Decision Makers) from our own exclusive database of contacts along with the many premium online sources we use.
  1. Within as little as one business day we begin calling and presenting you to HDMs; a minimum of 25 each week from our own list, plus the HDMs for any matching jobs you choose to find and submit.
  1. We contact you immediately every time an HDM requests to interview you or requests your resume, and we copy or notify you whenever we submit your resume.
  1. Each week we continue finding, presenting you to, and following up with HDMs plus any matching jobs you choose to submit to generate interviews for you until you're hired!



CFM Guaranteed Interview Booking Service

The fastest way to find and land

your ideal job or career opportunity!

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