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Thank You's & Testimonials



Below are just some of the thank you's and testimonials we have received from both business and individual clients that make what we do all worth while. We hope you enjoy reading them and that you will give us the opportunity to earn one from you.


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“Nigel was very helpful in reviewing my resume. He was brutaly honest and I really appreciate the approach that he takes to resume writing (no “here today, gone tomorrow” trends). I am working on updating my resume and will comment further once I find the job that I'm looking for. It's very easy to get discouraged in this economy, but Nigel was encouraging and told me to "forget about what was not possible." I do a lot of encouraging people, so it was nice to be on the receiving end for a change.” September 17, 2010

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative


Yvonne Cleveland, hired Nigel as a Career Coach in 2010




“I highly recommend Nigel and his professional BDM's job hunting services. It's rare to find someone who truly loves what they do. And, not many "gurus" take time to freely share their time and expertise with prospects and clients - he does! Nigel fully and clearly explained BDM's services, and provided me with direction and tips on improving my resume and on how-to better utilize social media and networks. If you need help, call sure to ask about his Free 28-point Resume Checklist.” September 10, 2010


Don Stephenson, Partnership Marketing Consultant, Stephenson Company was with another company when working with Nigel at BDM (bdmss, CFM,




“Nigel is a great person to work with; he is knowledgeable in his discipline and truly understands the essences of solving problems, looks beyond the surface and finds the source!” July 7, 2010

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative


I K, hired Nigel as a Business Consultant in 2000




“Nigel provided very useful information to me in my hunt to find a job overseas. He gave up his time to talk with me about options and give me some guidance.
I am very grateful for the time he gave up and his professional attitude.
Thanks again
Alex” May 6, 2010


Alexander Bisset, Teacher, Albany Junior High School
was with another company when working with Nigel at BDM (bdmss, CFM,




“Nigel filled our first position for us 7 hears ago and our most recent position just last moonth. Since meeting Nigel I have felt no need to seek assistance from his competition. I am a very happy client.

Yours truly,

Mike Menzies
President” February 20, 2010

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value

Mike Menzies, hired Nigel as a Recruiter in 2003, and hired Nigel more than once




Thank You - I'm reporting for work on Monday

Dear [Associate names confidential],
Good day!
David of [company name confidential] interviewed me yesterday, May 1st, for the Data Administrator position. In just more than 30 minutes, I was blessed with a job and will be starting on Monday, May 7th. I got this, of course, through your help. With this, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for all the help you extended in getting my first job in Canada. Imagine, I have no Canadian work experience and I only have a month of stay in this nation but I still got the job which is related to the previous job I had in the Philippines. I hope that this experience will give more hope to my fellow newcomers in Canada. I will recommend your company to them.
Well, good job to you and your staff. I appreciate all your effort. More power to your company!
Again, thank you.
Best regards,
Joey A.




hi this is warda


hi how are you...thank you so much for helping me out through all the process of the interview..i highly appreciate all the things you have get me the job in time..again thak you so much..i had the interview yesterday and i got the job thanks again warda




Subject: Product Engineer New Hire


I would like to thank you and your team for your placement for our company on the above position.


[Employee name confidential] has proven to be an excellent fit for our needs.


We would certainly consider contacting you for future personnel as the situations unfold.


I wish you  and your family health and happiness as we approach this holiday season.


Best regards,


Ronald L. Corcoran
Vice President, Operations
IFD Corporation




Thank you for administering my interview today and giving me the opportunity to discuss my possible employment with BDM Staffing Solutions. As well, thank you for the e-mail in response to my message from this afternoon. I am really impressed with the timely and professional communication with the BDM.




Julia B.
Mississauga, Ontario




I would like to inform you that I have got the job [Intermediate Software Developer] in [company name confidential], where you send me for any interview last month. I really appreciate your help in this regards.
Again thank you.
Best Regards,




Thank-you for the opportunity to work together with you during the position hunt for [company confidential]. Your two question forms were detailed, organized, and impressive.


Thank-you [Associate name confidential] for taking time out during your schedule for the oral interview.  You conducted yourself in a friendly, patient, and professional manner (also time efficient).


I had a great time working with the both of you.  Wishing you and your team happiness, good health, and success!



Cora G.




I have been very impressed with the profesionnalism of your organization and find it well-organized.

Olivier M.



I was impressed with your precise and meticulous style of communication, and I wish you and all of BDM many future successes.

Rona L. R.




My compliments,  I commend you on the professional and thorough approach your organisation has to delivering services your clientele.  Thank you for your valuable time and consideration in this respect.
Best regards,
Pierre H.