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Specializing in Business Development

and HR Solutions for Canada & USA

CFM Career Finder Marketing - Premium Job Search Services

If you're looking for a new job or career

opportunity and are serious about finding

the right job, CFM is the solution you want!


Finding the job you really want can seem

impossible, especially when you know that 

up to 85% of available jobs are never

advertised, and as little as 5% are filled 

through agencies


CFM Job Developers target the up to 85%

of available jobs commonly referred to as

the hidden job market and generate

interviews for you where you have little or

no competition.


Whether you lack the time to conduct a

proper job search; don’t know where the

jobs are; have difficulty getting interviews;

or are tired of losing out to other applicants,

CFM will help you find what you want by

solving all of these challenges.



The Question


How can you get the job you want

when you don't know who's hiring

or can't even get to an interview

when you do know?


The Answer? CFM


With over 25 years of experience,

we are experts at finding hidden,

unadvertised and hard-to-find jobs,

and we have the know-how and

the contacts to get you the interviews

you need to land the job you want.


Higher Pay?  

Better Hours?  

Less Time Commuting?

Greater Advancement Potential?  



Whatever your desire, you know the job you want is out there, and now you know that there's a service that will help you to get it, so call us to learn more then sign up and choose your membership option and get moving towards finding and landing the job you really want.



Want to discuss your needs or have questions?

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The best job search marketing service in North AmericaThe best job search marketing service in North America